Dóra Sztarenki


Dóra Sztarenki was born on November 2, 1991. She is a Hungarian actress and dancer. She is the daughter of actor, director and art director Pál Sztarenki. Dóra graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy. While being a professional dancer she also spends time as a dance teacher. She stepped into the acting-world with the role of 'Zsófi' in the series Terápia (2012). Dóra appears in several theatrical productions and television films as well as in cinema. Her first portrayal on the movie screen was the above-mentioned 'Zsófi' in Terápia (2012) who is a self-contained 16-year old girl with borderline personality disorder with several aspects of her life being the sources of her struggle. Dóra have given life to diverse characters such as 'Kisrózsi' - a newlywed in a Hungarian countryside village at the time of WWII - in La juste route (2017), 'Ági' - a victim of a serial killer - in L'Etrangleur (2016), 'Dia' - a kickboxer - in Betonzaj (2015) or 'Gabi' - a student fighting for survival on a rafting tour - in A legyözhetetlenek (2013). Meanwhile in theater she portrays the nervous wife in 'Az asszony beleszól' (The missis ways in) set in the 1930s Hungary, several characters in the self-searching bildungsroman 'Mellettem elférsz' (You may be beside me) and plays 'Margaret', the niece of Edward II in Christopher Marlowe's 'II. Edward' furthermore proving her versatility and talent.


Movie Name Release Date
1945 película 1945 17 January, 2018